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Tompkins Cylinders and Dials

Price: (Please contact Tompkins for Pricing as it varies by item)
Warranty: Varies
Contact: Tompkins Sales Department

How to Read the Part numbers: The FIRST Letter (C/D/etc) indicates whether the items is a Cylinder or Dial. The SECOND AND THIRD numbers indicate the diameter. The FOURTH, FIFTH and SIXTH indicate the #Cuts/Needles. The LAST set of numbers indicate the Gauge.

4″ Dials 4″ Cylinders 5″ Dials 5″ Cylinders 6″ Dials 6″ Cylinders 7″ Dials 7″ Cylinders 8″ Dials 8″ Cylinders
D04R72-24 C04R72-24 D05R96-24 C05R96-24 D06B52-12 C06B54-8 D07R36-12 C07B66-8 (None) (None)
D04R84-36 C04R84-24 D05R96-36 C05R96-36 D06B54-12 C06B56-8 D07R80-12 C07RB124-8
D04R100-36 C04R88-36 D05R130-36 C05R130-36 D06B56-12 C06R195-36 D07B84-12 C07B132-12
D04R128-24 C04R90-36 D05R132-24 C05R156-24 D06R100-24 D07R84-24 C07R144-24
C04R94-42 D05R144-36 D06R160-36 D07B88-12
C04R106-24 D05R180-24 D06R168-36 D07R96-12
C04R108-24 D06R188-36 D07R128-18
D06R195-36 D07B132-12
9” Dials 9” Cylinders 10” Dials 10” Cylinders
D09R210-36 C09R228-36 D10R256-36 (None)
D09R228-36 C09R348-42 D10R300-48
D09R348-42 D10R320-36

(SOLD) Tompkins 4-Track Jersey, Model PRO-Series 10″ Jersey


Model: 4J1040-PS
Diameter: 10″
Needles: 340
Optional Features:

Price: $56,750
Warranty: Certified Used, 1-year parts and labor
Contact: Tompkins Sales Department

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